1. Must be a regular student. A regular student is one who carries the full load in any given semester as specified in the curriculum.
  2. Must not have other scholarship.
  3. Must not have a grade of 5.0 in any of the subjects taken.
  4. Must have a grade point average (GPA) of 2.25. Grades in academic subjects are the only ones included in the computation of the GPA.
  5. Has not violated any of the student code of discipline and other university rules and regulations.
How to apply?

* The applicant must write a letter of intent to the Dean
* Must fill up application form from the Scholarship Coordinator
* Attach to the letter of intent a checklist of grades of subjects taken from the previous semesters
* Submit items 1, 2 and 3 to the Scholarship Coordinator


1. The assistantship shall be given to deserving fisheries students.
2. He/she must be able to render a minimum of 10 hrs per week.
3. The assistantship shall be compensated at a rate of twenty five pesos (P25.00) per hour.